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To transform a hidden jewel into something majestic, and breathe new life into a landmarked Viennese building, was the ultimate goal of City Life Apartments.  


The aim was always to celebrate the buildings rare character, defined by its brick stone walls, and pair it with something original – a novel idea that would enable a new form of living, one tailored towards the needs and desires of young individuals; specifically students. The ambition was to develop and design something forward thinking, edgy, unique yet, cozy and comfortable, ultimately becoming a new home for students of national and international background.  


With its distinct concept, each student lives in his/her own apartment, fully equipped with kitchen, bedroom, living space and other amenities. Although enjoying the perks of living in your own apartment, City Life Apartments offers the unique opportunity to remain an apartment complex exclusively for students, providing a living environment where you can find likeminded people that share interests, friends and degrees. Common areas --stretching over 700 sqm-- offer plenty of space to mingle, whether it be in the lounge, gym, library, living room, winter garden, game room, terrace, garden or our very own in-house bakery. 

In order to save our residents the stress and long journeys to print & copy stores before deadlines and exams, we have set up a small office with a fully equipped photocopier, printer and scanner.


Everything else you could possibly need is only a walking distance away and whenever you feel like you want to fully indulge in everything Vienna has to offer, you have the best public transportation network right at your doorstep, to take you wherever your heart might desire. 


Recognizing and tailoring towards the wishes and needs of students was a fundamental component in the design and conceptualization of City Life Apartments and continues to be our token of success.


Amenities & Services

Wi-Fi & WLAN




Designated Smoking Areas

In-house Bakery

Lounge Areas


Winter garden

Living room

Game Room

Energy & Runnig Costs

Technical Support

Cleaning Services

Washer & Dryer


Household Insurance

VIRTual tour 2016
VIRTual tour 2020
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