Welcome to City Life Apartments Boutique – our exclusive house for postgraduates and young professionals in our gorgeous hometown, Vienna!

After the unparalleled success of our main house, we are thrilled to be opening our boutique branch, which will continue to honour our unwavering commitment to excellency and design, while establishing its own signature character and concept.

Nestled in the beautiful neighbourhood "Penzing Cottage" (close to Schloss Schönbrunn)  where big city life gives way to small town charm – sits our new home. Our concept is simple:  do you want an area that feels like an escape while only being a few subway stops away from the pulsing city center? Do you want to live in an area where your local coffee shop, traditional bakery, some of Vienna's best restaurants and cafes are only a walking distance away? Or do you want to be able to run in the beautiful gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn and afterwards enjoy breakfast on your terrace with a gorgeous view? Then City Life Apartments Penzing Boutique is the perfect place for you! 

Just like the name suggests, our second house is our boutique take on City Life Apartments. Having redefined student housing with our first house, we are yet again pushing the boundaries of what it means to live as a student. Our new house in Penzing Cottage has a limited number of 18 apartments, the size of it allowing us to produce exactly what you think of when you hear the word “boutique.”

Our intimate size enables us to nurture a very personal atmosphere and familiar ambience, creating an entire place that can truly be called a home. It is tailored towards students and young professionals who seek a more individual and tranquil experience, our upscale accommodations conveying a cozy/homey feel. Its scale allows us to answer to your demands and wishes, cultivating a very personalized service that reemphasizes what City Life Apartments has done from the very start, which is completely moving away from your corporate cookie-cutter experience and giving you a well thought-through concept of student living. 



A word about the design 

Schloß Schönbrunn to the left, vast forest areas to the right and Vienna’s skyline stretching out front; with the surrounding area having so much to offer, our ambition was to reflect the variety of the neighborhood through its unique décor and style.

The design of the house features elements of brick stone, to pay homage to our trademark style, while echoing and reinterpreting the heritage of its neighborhood. Located in one of Vienna’s most beautiful areas, the aim was to set elements of tradition against urban and raw components, creating a stark contrast that allows for a unique living experience.

Different place, different look, different feel, but at the end of it all our fundamental aim remains the same: not to provide you with a place to stay at, but a home to live in.


I guess, all that's left to say looks like you just found your new home.